Why advertise with

The internet has often been seen as a global shop window. And what use is a global shop window when you’re an estate agent, a shop keeper or a plumber in Norwich? At we’ve long realised that local businesses want to get their ads in front of local customers.

By placing an ad on our sites you know you’re in front of people who either live in or have a connection with the area. The people who could use a local estate agent or need a local plumber, a cab, a new sofa… the list is endless.

We offer a variety of opportunities to suit your budget. Choose from display advertising, they’re the ads with the graphics (and yes, we can also help you put an ad together if that would help), or text ads via our own Addiply is an ad network that puts you in charge of easy-to-understand, cost-effective local advertising.

For more information on how to advertise on, call Kevin O’Gorman on 07920 828648 or e-mail us at To find out more about Addiply, visit